Atlas Energy Systems was co-founded in 2013 by Ian Hamilton, CEO, and three other Purdue undergraduates. Ian pursued the business and its technology further: first as his MS thesis at Purdue, then eventually as a fellow of Argonne National Laboratory's Chain Reactions Innovation (CRI).

With funding from both CRI and recently, the 2017 WWL Orcelle Award at the Ocean Exchange, Atlas Energy Systems looks forward to great strides in both its product and business development in the coming years.

Ian Hamilton
Both co-founder and CEO of Atlas Energy Systems, Ian is responsible for the original conception of the company’s technology, tailoring both his academic and professional careers to pursuing it. His degrees include a BS in Materials Science Engineering with a certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation and a MS in Nuclear Engineering, all from Purdue University.
Austin Lo
Austin joined Atlas Energy Systems in early 2017 to develop its technology and applications. He has a BS in Physics from Michigan State University and an MS in Nuclear Engineering from UC Berkeley. During during his academic career, he assumed responsibilities for the CAD, drafting, and machining of components for a wide range of nuclear and non-nuclear projects.
Dr. Adam Cohen
Dr. Adam Cohen is the former Deputy Under Secretary for the Office of Science and Energy within the Department of Energy. He began mentoring the company through the 2017 Clean Tech Open program and continues to provide business and nuclear technology advice today. Dr. Cohen is currently the President of Associated Universities Inc.
Dr. Sergey Chemerisov
PI at Argonne
Dr. Sergey Chemerisov is a nuclear chemist at Argonne National Laboratory and is the Principal Investigator working with Ian Hamilton and Atlas Energy Systems, LLC. Dr. Chemerisov runs the Low Energy Accelerator Facilities at Argonne and focuses on radioisotope production for medical applications and alternative uses such nuclear batteries.
Dr. Robert Bean
Dr. Robert Bean is an Assistant Professor of Nuclear Engineering at Purdue University and the Director of the Radiation Laboratories for the School of Nuclear Engineering. Dr. Bean is working to develop research areas related to the reactor, radiation detection, nuclear nonproliferation, and advanced reactor designs. Dr. Bean was Ian's thesis advisor and provides advice on nuclear technologies.
Dr. Ron Faibish
Dr. Ron Faibish was the Energy Systems Program Leader at Argonne National Lab and has previously served as a senior advisor for ARPA-e as well as an International Research Project Science Expert and Manager for the IAEA. He recently transitioned to Senior Director of Business Development at General Atomics. He provides advice on energy markets, nuclear security, and potential partners.
Georges Sassine
Georges is an energy expert, social entrepreneur and currently a Principal with GE. He is also the co-founder and President of the Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative (LOGI), a non-profit helping build Lebanon’s oil and gas sector; his technical and entrepreneurial insight into the current industry has offered invaluable insight to Atlas Energy Systems as they move forward in their business development.
Nisarg Patel
Lead Nuclear Engineer
Nisarg joined the team in 2018 to model and simulate thermionic energy converters. He has a BS and an MS in nuclear engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During his academic career, he modeled tritium transport in advanced reactors with the goal of reducing dose for radiation workers.