Portable Nuclear Power

Atlas Energy Systems, LLC is developing a technology that makes safe, secure, and portable nuclear power supplies for space, military, and remote commercial applications. These power supplies use radioisotopes to create energy dense and uninterrupted power for years without refueling.

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What We Do

We are pursuing a patent pending direct energy conversion system that uses ionizing particles to create a cold plasma, then extracts energy directly from the electrons of this plasma. The ionizing particles can come from radioisotopes or even nuclear fission. The system requires no moving parts to operate and is scalable from watts to megawatts.

Our Mission

Not only will we offer a novel, sustainable, and scalable means of producing electrical power, but also a way to add value to an otherwise discarded waste stream. We seek to utilize radioisotopes from spent nuclear fuel as our energy source. This will finally provide an economic incentive for spent nuclear fuel reprocessing in the United States: the closing of the nuclear fuel cycle.

Our Market

The technology under development has the potential to significantly impact any energy consuming industry. We believe the initial product's best penetration point will be in markets with low power, high availability, and long lasting (decades) requirements.

We chemically separate radioisotopes from spent nuclear fuel and medical isotope by products.
Ionizing radiation from the radioisotopes generates a cold plasma.
We extract the energy from the cold plasma and produce power with no moving parts.
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The Lab

Technology development is underway at Argonne National Laboratory, where we have access to advanced research equipment to verify and optimize prototype designs.


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