Heat to Electricity. No Moving Parts.

Atlas Energy Systems, LLC is an energy technology company developing plasma thermionic energy converters for waste heat power generation, concentrated solar, and advanced nuclear reactors.

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What We Do

We are pursuing a patent pending direct energy conversion system that uses high grade heat to boil electrons from a material via thermionic emission. These boiled-off electrons are collected across a small gap, then used to generate electricity. The system requires no moving parts to operate and is scalable from watts to megawatts.

Our Mission

Not only will we offer an economical, compact, and scalable means of producing electrical power, but also a way to add value to an otherwise discarded waste stream. The product we envision is a deliverable unit that can connect to a heat source – directly or via heat pipes – and operate with minimal setup or maintenance. Using thermionics, our technology may directly convert high grade heat to electricity at greater than 10% efficiency at 10 W/cm^2. This advancement in waste heat to power technology will finally provide an economic incentive for high heat producing sectors to recycle waste heat.

Our Market

The technology under development has the potential to significantly impact any energy consuming industry, but we believe the initial product's penetration point will be in markets with high grade waste heat production, especially petroleum/oil production and primary metals manufacturing.

We take waste heat from high grade sources
We use the heat to boil electrons from a refractory metal
These electrons are collected to generate electricity with no moving parts.
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The Lab

Technology development is underway at Argonne National Laboratory, where we have access to advanced research equipment to verify and optimize prototype designs.


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